What lies beneath

what lies

The dusty leaves of the childhood diary

No pain or stain, least bit scary

 The forbidden fruit , willfully chose

Dreams set to sail, never to reach the shore.

That’s life’s beauty, as the wise would view,

But then, you saved none of me, I better bury some of you.

 Rusty nails that pins one down

With a myriad of doubts, an adult is born

 Neither young nor radiant, not even close to a healthy tone  

Just a reflection, of books read and skills honed

 Hmm… they saved none of me; I better bury some of them.

 Wealth and health has lost its balance

 Sex and sex, slowly loses parlance

 I stare at the mirror, wishing a glimpse

 A glimpse of me, sans the pretense

 The radiant brilliance as a child I had…

 Now seen in my son, not in his dad

After all, they saved none of me; I better bury some of them.

The frame had wrought and skin, soon to rot

As I lay blown out, thinking what not

What went wrong and what should have been done

If I had another chance, how’d it have spun?

And then it dawned…. Since I saved none, they buried most of me!



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