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A few months back I made an off center post on conventional feminism and how its interpretations have skewed the public by and large. It did see more than normal hits but the discussions that followed within a close circle of friends have triggered this post. If you are someone as lazy as I am, who hates a pre-read, you need not worry. This post by itself is succinct, but, I would still like to start with a note with which I ended my previous post.

“I too believe that every individual’s choice must be respected. All that I am against is human stupidity for nothing in the entire world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. (MLK Jr.)”

What’s it with Conventional Feminism?

    Many conventional thinkers place FEMINISM between freedom and tradition, which apparently frames them between what the society expects and what they feel it shouldn’t. This invariably limits their scope of understanding of what is IDEAL.  Why? For the simple reason being, the framework within which you are operating is just a small part of the whole. And for all we know, a part cannot measure the whole.

AN Experiment?

As a thought experiment, let us try and keep aside all our belief system that filters every data that we come across based on its constituents alone. Let us try and act as if all that you are going to read is indeed true. Just for few minutes, post which you can be the regular you. With that established:-

Feminism is like reservations. Ideally it shouldn’t exist, but it does because we believe there is a specific pocket in the society that has been denied equal rights for a very long time. So, there comes a revolution where the oppressed raise voice against those who oppress. This result in a shift in acceptance and in tandem conventional common practices evolves. Remember, they just evolve from one to another and we don’t forget the past. This shift takes its own time to seep into the society and if you don’t give it time, you start shaking its very foundation. One needs to understand that ours is a pretty young species and most of our cranial capacities developed during rough and uncertain times when physical endurance and agility was the need of the hour. The fittest always had an upper hand and whether you like it or not, the male was physically stronger and agile. In an uncivilized environment, they naturally had an upper hand until few centuries back where likelihood of survival shifted from physical dominance to intellectual competence. Just because we have a shift, we cannot expect 100 % acceptance in all. For a species with almost 200,000 years of conditioning, it is highly unlikely that we can change over a century completely. It takes time for any change to seep into any cultural log. It you don’t let that change happen naturally and gradually, you will meet heavy resistance.

 Plus the major issue with us is that the inherent and immediate are always overlooked and everything peripheral is given high importance. This myopic worldview dilutes rationale and you fail to see the ‘whole’ and restrict your views to just to the ‘parts’ that you frequently interact. This is the very reason why many conventional feminists take “Man- Bashing” as a tool to enforce a self defined equality. In similar light, many cultural and traditional practices that evolved in a time dominated by men are often branded as male chauvinism. What conventional feminist fail to understand is that, the genetic and historic deficits accounts for the society as a whole which had both the gender evolving simultaneously!

There are several evidences that suggest several matriarchal civilizations existed in antiquity. Some of their practices transcended to present generations too.  JJ Bachofen brought together many such evidences. Though it was widely criticized, it inspired the scholar James Frazer to write the famous book, “The Golden Bough”.  Even Karl Marx was influenced by this book and publicly praised Bachofen’s work. We as race have been experimenting on this shift for long but what puts it in bad light is the neo-contemporary belief of EQUALITY and Role reversals. Be wary of what you ask for, this might very well put you on a loop without an amicable outcome.

The Grand Accusation

The biggest problem with modern feminist movement is, rather than campaigning to help and empower women; feminists today are picking up fights on social platforms, or plainly dress their grievances as proof of rampant ‘sexism’. Please understand that Sex is not a choice. For all you know, it is a biological ploy. Men can only acknowledge the physical hardships of being a woman and try and not add to the woes. Everyone has such microaggressions and sane adults call it “LIFE”

If men/boys are continually put in bad light and portrayed as perpetrators of rape, murder and domestic violence, it becomes highly difficult for young men and women to build a relationship based on TRUST. I am just spit-balling here, but the increase in number of failed relationships in recent years is a direct outcome of this portrayal. Most importantly, when you expect lasting love in marriages, you need to start getting comfortable with sacrifices and surrender because those are requisites for a long-lasting relationship, for both the sexes.

New Age Moral relativism

The new wave “Feminist Moral Theory” where feminists attempt to expose what they regard as certain shortcomings in traditional moral theories is also flawed. They claim that we live in a sexist society which fails to appreciate adequately the moral insights of women. But, what they fail to realize is that feminism, which is supposedly for everybody, does not take into account insights of a conservative women. When there is not equality in your ideology, why demand it from outside?

Plus, morality is as such highly relative.

While MORAL is classically defined as standards of behavior governed by the principles of right and wrong; many fail to understand that it is a behavioral pay-off of Man’s evolutionary development along with the society. This very tenet renders it relative and by no means absolute. Even as hunter gatherers, we had a code of conduct which was widely accepted and practiced within a clan. Now there are a couple of unique aspects in this.

  1. All clans didn’t necessarily have the same set of moral practices.

  2. Every clan had its unique set of oppressed, based on several physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities.

 For all we know that is how civilizations evolve. Whether you like it or not, we are the evolutionary offshoots of these hunter gatherers and still exhibit similar traits owing to genetic predisposition. When your worldview is based on the framework set by your personal experience and inferences alone; anything that is out of its coordinates are plainly neglected or misinterpreted as noise. This happens irrespective of you want it or not. Psychologists call this “Inattentional Blindness.” Modern feminist have fallen deeply into it and it is high time they realize that.

The Experiment Ends


I wonder how many of you who made through the read were able to keep all their belief system aside and for a few minutes believe/ agree to everything that were said without disagreement. If you think you have, something is wrong with you. Something  inhumane. I have realized that it is not easy to change people by force/request or reprimand, especially within a short span of time.



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    Nothing is what it seems – what we feel is nothing as what it actually is – at the end everything is an illusion!

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