So.. You think you KNOW?

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It all started with him saying , ” Dude…I did a lot of introspection yesterday! I spooled everything I knew about about life , all my learning and finally understood who I really am”

I just smiled back and said, ” If you had really done it the way you just said it.. then am sure you have misunderstood yourself”

“What do you mean ? Is this one of your sarcastic comments? “ He asked asked back with a wry smile .

” I wish it was, but am making a genuine statement here mate, one can never arrive at unknown by treading in the path of the known “ I said.

” Can you explain?” he asked and when I did, he couldn’t digest the fact that his approach was wrong right from the beginning and he steamed out of the room leaving me smiling to myself on my revolving chair !
The following is an abstract of what was inferred in that 40 minutes conversation that we had :
Self Knowledge is a process of creation and creation can happen only from the UN-Known .

Now, what is known ?

The known is a manifestation of all the inputs gathered in the past , every experience that reflects your cognizance is associated to the so-called “KNOWN”

The most important thing that we must understand is that when the mind is formulating, there can be no creation. This is because awareness heightens sensitivity, in which there is the highest form of negative thinking, because it is only when the mind is still and empty, when it is not creating a problem…there is “creation”
When I say still, it means unperturbed by any external dissonance . There is always this constant barrage of evasive thoughts that offers
judgement before getting all inputs. This would make all your thought process revolve around the so-called known thus hampering creation.
When I say empty , it means maximum receptivity . The more empty the container the more it can hold and in our context more inputs to infer,thus the probability of an erroneous outcome is less.

Creation can only take place in negation, that is asserting denial of the known .It is also very important to understand that, when I said that when the mind is formulating or producing, there can be no creation, I meant creation in its original essence. CREATION is the unknown and the known can never direct you to the unknown. For you have to cruise through uncharted waters to reach the unknown and that my dear friends is true creation with all its real essence intact. In other terms pure reality for it takes into account no preconceived notion or beliefs. It’s the genuine way of creation !
SELF-Knowedge is the Highest form of creation:

In our personal life, we always come across people who advice us to introspect and understand who we really are . What they actually don’t tell us is Self-knowledge is not a process of the continuity of thinking but the diminishing, the ending of thinking. But you cannot end thinking by any trick, by denial, by control, by discipline, and so on. If you do, you are still caught in the field of thought. Thinking can only come to an end when you know the total content of the thinker, and so one begins to see how important it is to have self-knowledge.

The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement because a judgement comes from the known whereas you are trying for unknown. Most importantly the reality of interpretations becomes very subjective if approached through the KNOWN. So I repeat ,reality is not to be found through any path, it is to be found through the uncharted sea of self-knowledge, the immeasurable is not to be measured by the path of the known.

Bereft Self knowledge your life is as good as food without salt ! Now, are there people who are happy with just desserts?

PS : Most of the things discussed here has a huge influence of Jiddu Krishnamurthy and his speeches[JK] .


Ram~Knight 4ever

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10 thoughts on “So.. You think you KNOW?”

  1. Now, that’s some really heavy piece of writing !! I had to read through it more than twice to actually get an idea of how simple you’ve tried to explain something so complex
    CREATION is the unknown and the known can never direct you to the unknown – that is absolutely true, but sadly not everyone would want to even admit that this maybe right !!

    Nice post bro !

  2. Brilliant writing. As Prashanth said, I had to read it a couple of times (you know why 😉 ). I am a huge believer in self introspection and I totally agree about uncharted waters. Life itself is uncharted waters for we know not what’s going to happen to the next moment. That is a first step towards un-thinking. Beautifully written post!!

  3. WOW! Mind Blown! a wonderful writing it looks at varied things like like the Creation and Living the unknown. Perhaps our life should be more focused in creation, becoming calm in our minds, reducing thoughts and paving way for CREATION. I’m not sure of I got that right. Did I?
    I’m also reminded of Ramana Maharishi’s Works – The Silent saint of Tiruvanamalai.

    Once again, a beautiful write.

    1. Thanks Lakshmi 🙂 Really glad you liked it. There is an universal consciousness through which all beings are connected and the way its resources are tapped varies . If you ask me, Ramana Maharishi , Jiddu Krishnamurthi n few more belong to the same legion hence voiced same beliefs . You did get it right . Non Judgmental observation is also a key to self-knowledge 🙂

      Thanks again !

      1. The universal consciousness and the great souls being in the same plane – coincides with Dr. Brian Weiss’s book ‘Many Lives and Many Masters’ tried the book?

        Whom others do you follow apart from Jiddu Krishnamurthi ??


        1. JK has influenced me right from my adolescence and hence I let myself dwell in systems especially while am learning . Am open to all thinkers . So, among all those I read JK and Richard Bandler ( Codeveloper of NLP) has a pretty high sinking ration in terms of content 🙂

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