Seasons change, only to come back again


Clatter Clatter the rain would pour …
Drenched yet happy as never before…

“You are way too happy” you hear him say 
Oh yes I am, your heart would sway

Slow and steady this heaven curtails
It stops raining and you grit at what nature entails 

Its just the begining, for now the monsoon is set
Lot more to rain and nothing to regret

Seasons change, only to come back again
With that wisdom set, therein you always remain


Ram~Knight 4ever

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15 thoughts on “Seasons change, only to come back again”

  1. Rain . . . always has two sides to it. One can always choose which one to choose!
    I’m wondering about the metaphor which Prashanth meant. Well, whatever it is, the state of your heart is reflected here.


    Joy always,

    1. Thanks Susan 🙂
      Few things in life has such an impact on you that you wish that feeling stays longer, but it would eventually recede . It would be unwise to feel bad or regret that its curtailing, rather look at the brighter side …consider it to be the first wave of a series of such wonderful experiences ! Hope you can relate this now to our CBC meet 🙂

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