Poles (A)part : Embrace the dark and light alike

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A room is cold for it is no longer warm.

Your mind disputes for it’s no longer calm.

Lo, in the absence of one, its counter is felt,

Only when a flower stoppeth bloom, it starts to wilt


“No more black dress , your wardrobe is filled with that bad colour.” My mom would yell every time she helps me clean my wardrobe.

Have you ever thought about this aversion towards darkness?
The way it has been weaved into the fabric of almost every belief system?
And how negatively conditioned we are as a race to anything dark?

Black Magic!
Dark Phase!
Black Mark!
Black Sheep!

The neo-contemporary belief system, predominantly conditioned by the western ideology of time being linear than cyclic, makes us seekers of light, happiness and peace and at the same time, we have bred a staunch dislike for darkness, sorrow and conflict. We often tend to forget that it is in this POLARITY lies life.

Polarity, by principle suggests that plus and minus, North and South are different aspects of one and the same system, and that the disappearance of either one of them would be the disappearance of the system itself. The very simple act of breathing is a classic example. You just can’t keep inhaling; you have to exhale too to live.
LIFE lies in its balance. 

The IDEALIST view of “making the world a better place” – to have pleasure without pain, wealth without poverty, and health without sickness is in contradiction to the way the universe really is. This overt and conscious attention to an ideal scenario and linear thinking has led to  ignore-ance of the basic principles of our universe, of which the most important is POLARITY

While we tread on black and white and the cultural biases pinned to them, some rationally contend that black and white are not colours, but they are mere absence of colours. Well this might be a surprise for few, but in terms of light frequencies (additive colour theory), white is the presence of all colours and is therefore a colour. Black is not; without light everything is black. However, when  considered as physical pigments ( subtractive colour theory), like paint, the tables turn; white is not considered a colour while black is the presence of all colours.  Even in such an empirical reasoning, one cannot escape polarity. Such profound are its implication in life.

Most of us would have heard about the Chinese poles of cosmic energy, The Yin and Yang.

This is an epitome of polarity, for in Taoism, life is not about growing yang and banishing yin but keeping the two in balance. More often our conflicts are a direct outcome of viewing these as opposites, foes and there is an eternal ongoing war between the two and ideally the better wins.

Like the perennial conflict between “I should” and “I should not,”

In the effort that goes into this division between the right and wrong, Facts and Ideas, there is this struggle and waste of energy. And naturally, we embrace this struggle for we assume that this is how our success/failure is scripted, but in reality they work like those small gears in watches that spin in different directions. It is that very opposite motion that keeps the clock ticking.

They are thus different, but inseparable, like sides of the coin, poles of a magnet, or pulse and interval in any vibration. They are more like lovers wrestling than enemies fighting. You cannot banish one and grow the other.

So, next time you attribute dark to undesirable, remember :-

When everyone knows beauty as beautiful,
there is already ugliness;
When everyone knows good as goodness,
there is already evil.
“To be” and “not to be” arise mutually;
Difficult and easy are mutually realised;
Long and short are mutually contrasted;
High and low are mutually posited;
Before and after are in mutual sequence
The very essence of life lies in its balance





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3 thoughts on “Poles (A)part : Embrace the dark and light alike”

  1. Smoothly articulated. Sadly, the complete belief system has been taught that black & dark are negative attributes, which is just a paradox planted to make people understand the other side of success.

    Great article!

    1. We all have many such cultural blinders. Like the ones they put on skittish horses. Thanks for the read mate 🙂

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