Sriram Acharya's "Plain Sailing"

Less Known Science : Seeing Music, Tasting Color and Painting Like A Child

How would it be if we can see music? Or taste colors? Or touch emotions? Our senses generally functions separately. The fragrance/voice of your loved one can lighten and brighten you up. We can see a flower bloom and perceive the ripeness of a fruit by its color, hear the sound of danger. Every sense […]

Less Known Science : The Superman Memory crystal and mysteries of Ancient Humans

  Yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality.Many wildest fictious gadgets of the past have later become reality .Books and films are filled with such examples,   Jules Verne came up with the idea of a fax machine in 20000 leagues under the sea*   Arthur C. Clarke talked and wrote extensively about Geostationary satellites,   and Edward […]

AAM AADMI : A perspective of the politically illiterate

  Am going to keep this really short!   I might be politically illiterate but my moderate understanding of human behavior can infer a huge resistance to change and abysmal amount impatience and misunderstanding among Indians with respect to present political scenario . Rather than seeing AAP as a party that poses a threat to […]

8th Year of Blogging : An appeal to readers

  Dear Readers,    Today, I enter into my eighth year of blogging. Six years back, when I decided to shut down my first blog, for it housed nothing but poems of a loon engulfed by negativity, I told myself that once in every 3 years I would revisit all the contents of my blog […]

The invisible Gorilla : Unraveling the ultimate truth

  We come across many wise beings who claim that they are in search of the Ultimate Truth. They are either a part of an organized sect that claims that they help people attain enlightenment through their unique and spiritual way of living or they have a following that believes they would eventually stumble upon […]