My quandary with GOD and his creator


Although there are 10-14 million species currently on earth, did you know that 99% of the species that existed on earth are already extinct? in words of Janine Benyus,an American natural sciences writer,”Think of our planet as a Research and Development lab in which only he best ideas move forward and the organisms that used too much energy/material or were toxic were dropped. What you wind up with are organisms that are efficient.”

Now lets understand where humans come in. Although life has existed on earth for 3.8 million years ,humans have existed only for around 200,000 years.We are nothing like other earthlings.Going by known records,just around 5000 years back humans invented wheel and now we posses technology that facilitates interstellar travel. Just because we can, we are way too experimental and our inferences have become our wisdom. What we fail to understand is that our inference are only based on what we see, which constitutes not even 0.1% of what is happening around us and what is around us is just a grain in this big beach AKA Universe and lets not even get into the concept of multiverse for now.

What is more baffling is that with such negligible information, we have the audacity to believe that we operate with complete capacity.Relatively speaking, We are nothing but toddlers on earth’s evolutionary timeline and and if we intend to survive for at least the next few 100 generations we must quit going against nature and start working along with it. What we built after the advent of technology hasn’t survived long. At least not as long as what our ancestors in antiquity built. The Great Pyramid, The great wall of China are classic examples. It is high time that “We” as a race need to let go the need to be right and de-freeze for we have already done enough damage in the name of technological advancement ,Religion, GOD and boundaries.

What is wrong with religion ?

God and religion are separate and it is us “toddlers” with lack of intelligence tend to mix things up.

If only the modern theists understand that they worship a god that they created and the Atheists understand that their problem is not with GOD who created life but with the GOD that humans created, things would be a lot different.

Am talking about a spiritual evolution that great minds like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein wished the humans would transcend to. This transition will never happen until we let go the need to be right especially when our entire cognisance is nothing but an image of the past. With such a mind, we build our belief system which encompasses all religion and god.When one thinks about GOD he thinks only in lines of what he knows about GOD, a mere projection of all that has been told about GOD. Contrary to the popular belief, an idea cannot change life or solve problems.It just creates another idea in opposition or in acceptance.

As a great Indian philosopher once mentioned,”The mind itself has become the problem, and its fabrications further complicate life, bringing conflict and misery. The substitution of one idea for another, or the change of ideas does not transform the thinker.” When one Idea of GOD doesn’t suit or solve a problem, a new image and version of GOD is released and thus bringing in a new set of followers and with time it gains momentum and becomes a new religion. What we fail to understand is that an Idea or thought arises inside a thinker and the thinker himself becomes a problem for its him/her who distorts thoughts according to circumstances which makes the thinker and thought one and the same.When the thinker is the problem how do we change him/her?

Understanding the Thinker

Have you ever been to a spiritual discourse or a motivation workshop? As long as you are there, everything seems new and clear. As if you have stumbled upon a clear and wonderful way of altering your dull and monotonous life and there is this great upsurge of enthusiasm in you to mend your ways and aligning it to the new found way but the moment you get back home and start your daily routine, the same old restlessness and dullness sets in? That is purely because the thinker is more tuned to think in lines of the frame that he/she is set and the only way to get out of it is to break out of it. It might seem tough, for the mind believes that the frame offers a safety net but sometimes all you need is a free fall that gives you moments of thoughtlessness to capitalize on. Its only when the mind is still there is creation. Read more here to understand better. We need to break free from all dogmas of religion and especially the idea of personal god and free the Thinker from conditioned thoughts.Lets start from understanding ourselves for all we know is God is in us.

Why all this?

Unless the fact that we are not in the intelligence apex is established, we wouldn’t let go the need to be right, hence tried to establish that initially and whenever the topic gets there, people jump with a pointed finger and yell,”Do you mean to say that all the technological advancements that we have achieved is of no use?” Hence I had to illustrate how any technology that is against nature is unimportant and how humans have been exploiting and harming nature.For some strange reason, everything revolves around GOD for Humans right now, be it proving his existence or absence.So felt it was high time to understand that our entire take on GOD which is pinned to religion is wrong and we need to transcend to something higher and closer to truth for future generations to exist.

Am I an Atheist?

If this question has been constantly playing on the back of your mind throughout your read then maybe this helps.

“I thought I was one until I realised that my problem was never with GOD but with what people thought and preached GOD was “

Oru Ezhavum Purila *

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17 thoughts on “My quandary with GOD and his creator”

  1. Awesome post and I loved it. The ‘concept’ of God had seen a lot of variations and the transformations are still happening. And also the fact the we need to work along with nature, rather than against it.

  2. I usually skip long posts, my attention span is very less, but this I read, yes I read your entire post. Somewhere along the way, the atheist thought did cross my mind. But then it was brushed aside. You know, I believe in god, as you say, my god. It is because of the hope and the secure feeling I get and also the positivity. But then I also feel and follow that instead of doing poojas and stuff at temples, we can get closer to god by helping others. I mean the little things you can do to make others happy. Yes, HAPPINESS, again. ;-).
    Because you spoke about us, earthlings, I would also like to mention that I have always fancied having an alien friend! 😉 I really don’t have any point here, just that your post got me writing soo much! phew!

    1. And again those “little things” are what humanity needs right now. This calls for a spiritual evolution which is the crux of this post . Do you how hard it is to find people who find happiness in helping others? Every religion talks about finding the god in you but this is often neglected for there is nor centralization of power there and the governing authorities find it hard to digest. And about the alien friend.. I just can’t believe you said that 😛 for I believe I have one 😉

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