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At the outset, I would love to thank those 3 wonderful souls who tagged me for “Leibster Blog Award” which is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers as a token of appreciation for keeping the spirit of blogging up and sailing .


Though I couldn’t answer to all the 3 tags please do appreciate me for answering 1, considering the kind of lazy guy I am 😛


Who am I answering ? : Asha Joseph !

Why her ? : Say,,, error of recency 😉

The rules are pretty simple

  • Each person must post 11 facts about themselves.
  • Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus
  • Create 11 questions to answer for the 11 people you will be nominationg.
  • Let them know and
  • No tag backs

(Ooo.. 11:11 ! Spooky midwayers )





11 things about me.


This is bad ! Real bad !

Trust me , being an HR professional, I have seen and can literally show 1000 different faces of how people react to a sudden “tell me about yourself”

Am penning this after  lot of scratching, rubbing and long stares at the ceiling ..

Here it goes…


1. Though most of my posts suggests so…..Am not a serious guy ! Am serious 😉

2. Few geeks do know how to entertain and have fun. I can seriously make classical mechanics fun.. trust me 😛

3. An HR professional who believes in “learning” more as a lifestyle than function

4. A big fan of Jiddu Krishnamoorthy , Robert Ludlum and Enid Blyton ( Yeah, I would still jump and grab an unread work of Enid  Blyton)

5. There is something about a girl in a half saree/ Pavadai dhavani ! *Wonder why am putting this here*

6. A big time music enthusiast . * I definitely don’t play the guitar. Don’t imagine me with one*

7. A science aficionado . Most of my blog posts relate to Behavioral Science , Psychology and Philosophy . I also write about relationships too if what I mentioned before doesn’t interest you 😉

8.I tend to order Bhel puri almost like a reflex whenever I hit a chaat shop! Wonder why!!

9. Kamal Hassan , Mel Gibson, Robert de Niro, Tom Hanks, that’s all… maybe Jack Nicholson !

10. Yeah, I write poems too. A big fan of John Donne and metaphysical poetry . I have many weak attempts in that genre 🙂

11. Frankly, I LOVE to hear people talking about me than me ranting !! For once I’ll excuse myself

Loved answering most of your questions Asha. Here it goes…


Q: What is your take on adoption?

A: Its the first step to “bringing change through love”.

A subtle yet powerful trigger to change the way the contemporary world operates .

Q: Evolutionism or Creationism? Which one makes sense to you, which one do you believe in?

A: Creationism :

I believe that religion is a misinterpreted science and by no mere coincidence most of the religious books say the same stuff irrespective of their origins being separated by half an hemisphere .

  • They didn’t add the phrase ” Lets create man in our own image” in the book of genesis to add spice.
  • Its not coincidence that both Prophet Mohammed and Jesus of Nazareth were guided by the angel Gabriel.
  • Its no coincidence that the book of leviticus prescribes the same way of living as few parts of vedism does.
  • Its not by mistake that dead sea scrolls were lost for eons and so was the book of Enoch.
  • Its not mere coincidence that temple Gopuras which serves as a roof for hindu gods are called Vimanas which means flying Vehicles in sanskrit
  • Theory of Annunaki and Ancient aliens are way too real to be debunked without questioning the entire tenet of our religious beliefs
  • Theory of Panspermia and the gene HAR1 (human genome) is a standing proof !

Bottomline:   Darwin was scratching his chin when creationism hit him hard


Q: What would be your epitaph? (Don’t you think its cool to have an epitaph, rather than just name and date you finished and packed up)


A: I sign with an epitaph : Ram~ Knight 4ever . A knight does anything for his beloved . Now beloved is a relative term.. ain’t it 😉


Q: If given a chance to share or borrow any aspects of a man/woman. What would it be? And why?

A: I would defenitely borrow the knowledge Nikola Tesla possessed . It would take more than a post to explain why. Maybe reading this might help ->


Q: Do you think rapists/molesters have become so by choice?

A: Yes. Everyone became what they are right now by choice. If its life’s choice to throw lemons at you, its your choice to catch and keep them or dodge them .


Q: What is your opinion on lucid dreaming?

A: Opinion ? I am a guy who walks directly into a lamp post coz I have been lucidly dreaming . With years I have mastered the art of subconsciously dodging a lamp post but haven’t stopped lucid dreaming 😉


Q: Hope you have watched the movie “P.S.I love you”. What do you think about what Gerard Butler does for his wife after his death? Is that a fair thing to do?


A: Now, I loved that movie . Not for what Gerard Butler(GB) did, but for how Hilary Swank(HS) took it. Am just trying to say that GB’s deed was compensated well by HS’s reception

PS: The “what women want” scene.. priceless 🙂


Q: Would you be happy if you knew where your life journey would take you?

A: No. Rather, I would love to decide where my life’s journey should end and work towards it


Q: Do you think animation/fantasy genres in movies are a waste of time and money?

A: What? Waste of time and money? How else do you expect the kids to grow ?  Watching CSI ? 😀


Q: What will be the three books, movies and blogs you would recommend.



  1. Awakening of intelligence : Jiddu Krishnamoorthi
  2. The Secret : Napoleon Hill
  3. Maverick : Ricardo Semler

Movies :

  1. The Man from earth
  2. Dead Poet’s Society
  3.  Fight Club

Blogs :

  1. Mine 😀
  2. The new Illuminati ( A search can make u land there)
  3. White Dove


Q: What’s your favorite quote?

A: “The world looks at you at your own estimate”



11 things for the fellow bloggers whom I tagged to answer :


1. Can you just say in few sentences about a side of you that most dont know?

2. Your thoughts on Morality?

3. Now a serious question …Do u think HP qualifies to be children’s literature? 😛

4. Now the one who tagged me asked for an epitaph . How about you giving me an epithet ? 😉

5. What is that one feature in orkut you loved the most and wish FB had it? why?

6. You believe that men should always pay and that impresses women?

7. The weirdest thing you ever did?

8. Now you needn’t answer this if u don’t agree, but, why does the best of ideas always comes when you are on a Water Closet ?

9. Your take on humor that hurts? yeah there seems to be such a genre, and am not talking about sarcasm !

10. 3 mistakes that you would love to do again? 😉

11. How did u manage to come till the 11th question? 😮


Blogs that I am passing the Liebster Torch to :

  1. Prashanth 
  2. Deepa
  3. Srikar
  4. Dhivhya
  5. Bala
  6. Gautam Krishna:
  7. Ishwarya
  8. Minu Marie Mathew
  9. Avis viswanathan
  10. Vid Dev 
  11. Subash Sarath



Ram~ Knight 4ever

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  1. Congrats on the award and enjoyed enjoyed reading this revelation of sorts. You have great taste in arts and literature. Wonder how you didn’t do English Literature.

    Joy always,

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