I reflect as I Row

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Like a glyph, pain is etched, an account of the past!
As I run my fingers, it flashes tales of gore
Not a drop seen for the ice that my heart bore
Just a static reflection of everything I lost


Behind my head my fingers intertwine
I close my eyes and slowly recline
For now I know,
Anything real is stranger than fiction
For fiction is finite and has its own frame
When things really happen, it has no diction
Whom do I fool by giving it a name


With that said, I set my boat sail
Paper for bark and words for oar
arbit thoughts, yet meaning galore
Wisdom wrought as I reach the shore



Ram ~Knight 4ever



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13 thoughts on “I reflect as I Row”

  1. When we set sail our boat, we never know where the gossamer pulls us to, or what incredible things might happen when we are on board. So sail in the ocean with hope and faith that you’re tied to the gossamer. Bury the past, never reflect cuz you might not have the same adventure again and again. 🙂
    Good poem 🙂

  2. The shore – the destination is but one of those hundreds in the journey of life. Each account of strife takes us a tad bit higher on the plane of wisdom and when you look back, you not only look back, but you look down too, at that moment of naivete and innocence that you once bore.

  3. Anything real is stranger than fiction
    For fiction is finite and has its own frame…..
    Of the three poems that I have read till now, this one is my favourite! And these lines, they are so beautiful and so true and I believe which makes life equally beautiful and exciting, the uncertainty and the unknown!

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