I don’t need March 8 to celebrate !!

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She stood there smiling even though she was shredding inside, just because her son was watching.
She would play dumb when am worried, hoping that would distract me and when I smile , her eyes would turn moist and she would give me a tight hug ,engulfing me with her turmeric aroma, squeezing the remaining worries out of me!

There was a time when I believed that I would fall for any girl who smells like my mom 🙂



To me it seems like I have been celebrating this all through my life. I don’t need a March 8!

I would just call out her name and she would know what to do. My tone is pregnant with my intention she says and she has an in-built ultrasound she would quip.
I neither remember a single decision in her life without my opinion nor a single decision of mine excluding her.Sometimes I wonder why is she so much like mom and many a times far more understanding than her.

Let me put it this way. My sister got involved in a brawl with her classmate for calling me a “Geek” when she was 9 and if I remember right that guy ended with 2 stitches on his head. 

To me it seems like I have been celebrating this all through my life. I don’t need a March 8! 

Sometimes, I just wonder how can someone become as important as my mom and sister within such a short span of time?  When I was almost convinced that I simply can’t be myself and yet be loved, she appeared out of nowhere and proved me wrong. Whenever I am in doubt, I ensure I take her opinion, for  her guesses are far more accurate that my certainty. She is always two steps ahead four layers thicker. She has been my wings that help me soar and my anchor whenever I needed support.

People often ask me for the reason behind the epithet  “Knight 4ever” and I would say, “A knight would do anything for his beloved”

The women in my life are my beloved supreme and I have done and would do anything for them.

Apparently … I have been celebrating this all through my life. I don’t need a March 8!

 “Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man  at twice its natural size.” 

This is no glorification, this is no recognition. this is a blatant attempt to let you know that

“We don’t need a March 8 and  you aren’t living right if you are not celebrating it everyday.”



Ram~Knight 4ever



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26 thoughts on “I don’t need March 8 to celebrate !!”

    1. A brilliant write up…you have a better understanding….of these two important women in your life…!!!! highlight is you have…managed to give equal importance to both…!!!

      left out the have (blame my mobile auto-correct 😛 )

  1. Wow, such a heartwarming post… you have captured the very essence of woman’s day: it’s everyday, not just one day in March. You write well, I especially like the line about falling in love with someone who smells like your mom… cute.

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