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Being Practical ! Duh

Something  has been bugging me for a couple of days !!  Those who have known me for quite sometime would have always heard me say“most of our problems arises because we refrain from being simple “   Have debated on this with many.. few agree , few don’t and few just smile.. But something that happened lately […]


                            Just when you think that you own the finest armor .. Something burns you from within..   Dismantling  was never an option  Cos you feared the worst might occupy therein    “Maybe its nothing” you hear him say… Just like the day when you thought ” […]

Ockham’s Ball

The harder he tried, the harder it got way too engrossed, he understood not. He tried throwing fast, he tried throwing slow. It never landed right, what can he do now? “Its just a rubber ball”, he heard someone say Oh yes! Its a rubber ball, with a smile he swayed. With the same ease […]

Bayam Vendran !

Kan imaikum oru nodiyil ulpugundha oru bayamae…unai aerpadhuvo.. azhipadhuvo.. unaradhadhu pol nadipadhuvo ?? Aerpadhu en gunam illai.. azhikum thiran peravillai..manudanai pirandhadhinal… nadithuvidu en manamae…. Naam nadikkum naadagathil ethanayo mugamudigal…Mugamudimel kaadhal kondu iyal mugathai marapadhuvo? Nagal niraindha ivvulagai sila nal idhayam yaesi varum..Needhi ennum Nyayam ennum mugamudiyai anindhu kollum…. Karuvaraiyil thondriyathal un marbanuvum nagal thane…!Idhai purindhavanae […]


                     I am two fools, I know… For loving, and for saying so…. And there i swim in the pearl-like glow.. Shed not a drop.. u might let me go…! Burnt and numb, I swore ..never again…! I feared recovery ; not the pain… In […]


The golden beams that fuels life….. Preaches a blatant truth that cuts like knife… Looking around for that which lives long… I end up prodding ..” Is this where I belong?” I travel around ,trying to find where truth rest… Alas! The simplest of all has evolved to the best… Look within,for there lies all […]

Plethoric Pamphlet

For the next few years from today… I would keep reassuring myself that you havent gone away.. Acting like You are just around the corner.. My love …my crown and am its mighty coroner.. I wish u look back the same way I look at you. In vain I search something that rhymes with you. LL keep […]

Frame it!!

We always hear “the rules” from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note … these are all numbered ‘1’ ON PURPOSE! 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. We need it up, you need […]

A Knight’s Anecdote ..

  Walking down the lane led by plasmic glow.  Flooded by memories ,my walk tends to slow.  I stop to admire this colossal  growth. My love for my beloved and my silent oath. There are times when clouds get  dark,they never look nice. You look up , wish for a change, though you know its […]

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