Year: 2013

The invisible Gorilla : Unraveling the ultimate truth

  We come across many wise beings who claim that they are in search of the Ultimate Truth. They are either a part of an organized sect that claims that they help people attain enlightenment through their unique and spiritual way of living or they have a following that believes they would eventually stumble upon […]

Exploring the realm of AURA :Red

The Seventh and final color of VIBGYOR : RED             RED governs the BASE chakra situated at the base of the spine.   It denotes Vitality, Courage and Self awareness It is the aura of survival and stability on earth.  The color red provides the power from the earth and spatially distributes […]


The fourth color in VIBGYOR : Yellow                     YELLOW  COLOR relates to the Solar plexus chakra. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence It relates to transforming energy into matter, matter into energy, ideas into reality, finding purpose, self esteem, self identity, relationship with people Talking […]


The fourth color in VIBGYOR: GREEN                       Green AURA Relates to heart chakra. It is a very soothing and healthy aura to experience. When seen as an aura emanated , this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change, like […]

Exploring the realm of AURA : BLUE

The third color in VIBGYOR : Blue                 Blue is associated to the throat chakra : Blue is all about choice: The concept that every choice we make is an act of power and has a positive or negative consequence. The throat represents the expression of your will. If we ruffle […]

Exploring the realm of AURA : A prelude to CBC VIBGYOR TAG

    “You are coming for the reunion right?” chimed my friend over the phone. He was organizing a reunion of our UG friends and had called and intimated me almost a month in advance. “Yes machi. Did you invite Mohan ?” I asked, knowing very well he wouldn’t have. I still remember the big […]

I reflect as I Row

              Like a glyph, pain is etched, an account of the past! As I run my fingers, it flashes tales of gore Not a drop seen for the ice that my heart bore Just a static reflection of everything I lost   So, Behind my head my fingers intertwine I close […]

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